Production Issues and Finding our Way

Thank to all for your support and encouragement. We knew this would be a difficult thing to pull off, and we were right. Please see below for the text of an email we sent to our subscribers. There is nothing like this magazine out there, and we want to stay in print. We also want to use your money and your trust in us with prudence. So, we are backing down a bit so we can make it for the long term. We have received some positive response to our email – from people who understand about trying to start something up from nothing.

We continue to search for donors and/or partners. Please let us know if you know of anyone who might be able to help us.

Here is the text of the email:

Dear Subscriber,

Grace and peace to you as we enter Lent. Thank you for all the helpful and positive comments about Laudamus Te. We are reading with interest every letter and e-mail and implementing suggestions as we can. Your kind words despite our blunders are a consolation to us.

We write to let you know that the Lent issue will be a few days late. We apologize for the delay. Most are being mailed tomorrow (February 11). Please click on the link below to download a pdf of the Lent issue in case you would like to use it before your hard copy arrives. Many thanks to the good people at St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Community in New Hope, Kentucky for helping us with the printing and mailing of the PreLent and Lent issues. They have worked night and day to try to expedite this issue when we got it to them so late. We are so grateful!

Why are we late . . . again? Our ongoing struggle to purge error from the Mass propers has made it difficult to meet production deadlines. Nearly all of the available English material contains mistakes from re-copying over the years; sadly we are finding that this is true to some extent of the Latin as well. A reliable source has informed us that even recently printed missals have these types of errors. It all takes a great deal of time, and with each issue, we get further and further behind.

For this reason we will be taking a break in production. You will receive a Holy Week/Easter Week issue and then not another issue until this summer. We must catch up with propers editing or Laudamus Te magazine will fail. Your subscription will stay intact and resume when we resume. You will still receive the same number of issues that you subscribed to receive. We are very sorry to have to take this measure, but feel we have no choice until we get a little ahead. We hope you will stick with us as we work to catch up!

We are struggling to attract subscriptions as well. So far we have about 750 subscribers, but we need several thousand. With every penny going toward production, printing, and mailing costs, we have no budget for advertising. A very kind individual stepped in temporarily to purchase ads for Laudamus Te, but we cannot rely upon this kind of generosity alone.

So, we are launching a subscription campaign. If everyone now receiving Laudamus Te were to attract just two new subscribers, our production costs per copy would drop dramatically and the extra money would provide a much-needed funding cushion. We love this magazine as much as you do and are committed to its success. Will you help? Please tell your friends about the magazine and let us know if you would be willing to pass out flyers at your parish. Many of you have paid for gift subscriptions and made donations, and we very much appreciate your help. Please also keep us in your prayers.

May the season of Lent draw you closer to Our Lord in His Passion.

In Christ,
Margot Davidson
Therese Warmus
Ted Schluenderfritz