Laudamus te, Advent 2012
Welcome to Laudamus te

We are no longer in print. However, when we can, we will post the Mass Propers (Mass of 1962 Missal) of the current season. Please click on the link below to download the PDF for Advent and Christmas (Dec 1 – January 13).

Under the Laudamus Press imprint, we have begin to publish books of interest to devotees of the Traditional Latin Mass. Please see our “About Us” page for a current list. Those books are available at large online retail outlets (like Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and some Catholic stores, such as Fraternity Publications. Eventually we will publish the content of Laudamus Te magazine in permanent books for the Liturgical season, but it will take us a while to get that project done.

Thank you for your support these past two years as we tried to accomplish a huge task. With your help, we created something beautiful. It was a fruitfully prayerful time for us as we prepared the issues, and we hope that it enriched your lives as well, even if for a short while.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Advent 2014/Christmas Propers: laud_Dec.Jan.2014-15

CLICK HERE to download the Christmas 2012 issue (Dec 24, 2012- January 26, 2013): LaudTe_Xmas_2012_digital 2